2 years and 9 months

Anarcute is a project we started as five students for the Microsoft Imagine Cup contest.
The game won the french final and we were approched by Microsoft to join
the ID@Xbox program
and release the game on Xbox One.

We had the chance to showcase the game to a lot of events
(GDC, Paris Game Week, Gamescom, ...) and won several awards like the
Unity Best Student Project or the Ping for Best Student Game.

Since we were a small team, I worked on different aspects of the game such as
Game Design, Level Design and Programming (C# Unity).

Anarcute is my first "real" project and I feel that I have learned a lot
about Game Development with this game.

Anarcute is made by Lucie & Flex (Art), David (Producer), Tom & Me (GD/Prog/LD).

Anarcute is now released on Steam and Xbox One.

What it is
  • Control a crowd of cute rioters
  • The city is your playground
  • Discover 5 differents cities...
  • ... and free them from the Brainwash Patrol !
What I have done
  • Game Design
  • Programming (C# Unity)
  • Level Design