14 days

Anarlytics is an analytics system I developped for Anarcute over a period of two weeks.
As we were doing some tests with players we realised that we needed a tool to analyse 
their behaviors. I looked for existing solutions but I found that what they were offering wouldn't
suit our needs as much as I would like to. 
So I decided to develop a system that would fit the specificities of our game.

The system records the sessions of the player, collect datas and send them to our server.
The Anarlytics offers three differents view of the datas :

  • Micro : Used to see the datas of a particular game play (Number of ennemies defeated, Time of the game play, ...)

  • Macro : Analyses multiple datas and generate graphs. Useful to highlight some problems, like a inappropriate level of difficulty

  • Maps : Allows us to see the the movements of the players and generate different kinds of heatmaps. We use it to make adjustements to the level design.

The Anarlytics has become a tool we frequently use to detect Game or Level design problems and allows us to correct them before the release of the game.