9 months and 30 days

Nejd is a third-person adventure game made by a team of seven as a final year project for my school. 

The player embodies Waad, a young women sent to Nejd to find and bring back a lost scientist.
There, she will meet a strange-winged creature that will help her explore 
and solve puzzles to find out more about this strange world.

In this exploration game we try to create a relationship between the player and the mount.
We put lots of efforts on AI and animations to create a believable creature.
For instance, the player is able to teach abilities to the creature and make the relation
between them evolve.

The player has the ability to mount the creature and discover the world by flying through it.

What it is
  • Create a relationship with a mystical winged creature
  • Fly through the world
  • Discover the mysteries of Nejd
What I have done
  • Game Design
  • Programming (C# Unity)