Sink Or Swim
1 month and 30 days

Sink or Swim is the result of a two months rush by a four-member team.

It's a 2D action game in which up to four players have to cooperate in a submarine to drive it and find chests in a deep ocean. But enemies and other dangers are lurking to stop them in their mission.

The submarine is run by multiple control stations and the players will have to be organised to decide who is in charge of what. The system forces the players to cooperate by having interdepence between control stations.

For instance :

  • The turret needs to be filled with ammunitions who are dispensed
    in another room.
  • Horizontal and Vertical controls are in two different places
  • The turret needs the radar to find the enemies

Pretty often, the players will find themselves in critical situations, having to manage more than one task at once.

The game relies on a water flowing system that will create dilemmas such as :
Will I save my drowning friend or will I try to repair the door first to save the submarine ?

I felt like the game was a success since it created some really intersting situations and watching other people play was almost as funny as playing it.

What I have done
  • Game Design
  • Programming (C# Unity)
  • Level Design
  • Art